Delta’s Awesome Shutters

I first learned about Delta Blinds and Shutters when I was looking for a company that could provide high quality shutters at a reasonable price point. When I found them I was given a tour of their manufacturing plant in Mississauga. A Canadian manufactured product of the highest quality and at an unbeatable price point! How cool is that? And I pass these savings directly to you!

• Delta Shutters will transform any window in your home from traditional to contemporary.
• Manufactured using material which is UV-protective, which ensures your shutters will never fade
• Child-Safe and Fire-Retardant design.
• Designed with a non-porous, waterproof material that acts as an added insulator in the winter and prevents excessive heat from entering the home in the summer.
• Feature a unique and very durable lightweight design, which ensures they will never chip, crack, wrap or peel.
• 25-year lifetime limited warranty