The “Wow Factor”

Hi. My name is Marc Bilz and I’m the owner of Lindsay Blinds. As a paramedic for almost 30 years in Toronto I have discovered that serving brings the greatest satisfaction and makes all the difference.  I’ve lived here in Lindsay for over 20 years (yes it was a long commute to Toronto).  I am so happy to have moved on from running from one emergency to the next and instead serve the good people of the beautiful Kawartha Lakes region. Coming from a family of artists, carpenters and designers  I feel I get a chance now to explore that side of my skill set. I’ve always enjoyed those home improvement shows where you see the home that needs the upgrade;  in come the experts who do their thing;  the homeowners step into their “new” home;  we are all blown away by the transformation.  Having great window treatments is one of the simplest ways to create that experience. 

My goal is to bring a high quality, custom made product at an excellent price point to you.  Let me see if I can help you find the right blind, shade or shutter to bring beauty and just the right amount of light to every room of your home.  Give me a call at 705 808 3022 or send me a message in the contact form below and I’ll arrange with you a free, no obligation consult.  I look forward to meeting you!

Blinds and Shades

Finding and choosing the perfect window treatment can be a little intimidating. With my free consultation I am here to help you find the ideal blinds or shades, within your budget, for your home. Lindsay Blinds has a variety of blinds and shades solutions to complete the look of any room. With a wide range of attractive fabrics, styles and colours, I will help you find the privacy, light filtering and component options you want. My all-Canadian supplier Delta Shutters & Blinds offers the finest blinds and shades in the industry. Motorization solutions are also available and can be integrated into smart homes. Delta Shutters & Blinds manufactures all type of blinds and shades including Roller Shade, Dual Shade, Honey Comb, Sheer Shades, Panel Track, and Vertical Blinds. With the additional shades and blinds I carry from Buyers Gallery I can offer my clients window treatments to bring a wow factor to any room and accentuate the beauty and character of your home.

Delta’s Awesome Shutters

I first learned about Delta Blinds and Shutters when I was looking for a company that could provide high quality shutters at a reasonable price point. When I found them I was given a tour of their manufacturing plant in Mississauga. A Canadian manufactured product of the highest quality and at an unbeatable price point! How cool is that? And I pass these savings directly to you!

• Delta Shutters will transform any window in your home from traditional to contemporary.
• Manufactured using material which is UV-protective, which ensures your shutters will never fade
• Child-Safe and Fire-Retardant design.
• Designed with a non-porous, waterproof material that acts as an added insulator in the winter and prevents excessive heat from entering the home in the summer.
• Feature a unique and very durable lightweight design, which ensures they will never chip, crack, wrap or peel.
• 25-year lifetime limited warranty


Would you like a free consultation to see if I can help you with your window treatment needs? Call me (Marc) at 705 808 3022 or fill out the form below and I will get back to you before the end of the day. Thanks!